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Management Solutions

About CARES Consulting Inc

Efficient and Resourceful Management Solutions Provider

Our staff has decades of experience providing reliable and consistent support at all levels of business and administrative tasks, working with start-up to established businesses. While many administrative tasks translate from business to business, there are places where specialization matters.

In recent years our focus has shifted to providing billing services and start-up support to businesses supporting those struggling with Substance Use Disorder. We are consistently reliable and accurate billing administrators, adept at licensing and credentialing requirements, and experienced at collecting what is due a practice.

Company Missions and Values

Guiding Operations

Our Mission

To provide efficient and resourceful management solutions that support business function and promote growth.

We aim to transform business by providing elite service to our clients so they can better support their own. We focus our energy on working with Substance Use Treatment Centers and Recovery Community Organizations

Our Values

Reliability, Consistency, Accuracy, Collaboration, and Excellence

Company History

Building Success over the Years

Since its establishment, CARES Consulting has been helping businesses with administrative tasks, bookkeeping and payroll needs.

In recent years, we have expanded our services to specialize in the Substance Use Disorder Industry, offering accurate and efficient billing solutions.

With a proven track record of reliable support and dedication to client success, CARES Consulting has become a trusted partner for businesses across various sectors.

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