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Keynote: A Crash Course


Having experienced a catastrophic event when a gravel truck went through a stop sign and hit a school bus, the speaker details the things her company had done – unwittingly – that prepared them for the day they had no idea was coming. She explains how and why being prepared when the worst happened resulted in the company’s ability to navigate through the events immediately following the school bus crash and all that followed with relative grace.  Based on the book Unspoken Sorrow: Whispers from a Broken Heart and the companion workbook: A Crash Course: Preparing for a Catastrophic Event, both available on Amazon.

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A Crash Course: Preparing for a Catastrophic Event is the perfect event for school transportation conferences, multi-department transportation meetings, and bus driver training sessions. Attendees will leave with plans for improving the “resting heartrate” of the transportation department of the community and tools to use in the event of a catastrophic event. Planning for the unthinkable will improve operations on every level, even if the unthinkable never occurs. Please include your event date(s) in the contact form.


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