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Keynote: Chasing Chickens


After choosing alcohol rather than therapy to deal with life, Kari spent time in four treatment centers before finally finding recovery in the year-long women’s program at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. Recovery is Serious Business – there is no doubt that untreated addiction ends in death. Recovery is also hilarious, and this irreverent view into one woman’s journey may result in laughter. It will absolutely inspire you to see those struggling with addiction with kindness; maybe that someone is yourself. Based on the book: Chasing Chickens: Through the Clucking Chaos and the journal of the same name, both available on Amazon.

Chasing Chickens: Through the Clucking Chaos reveals what it’s like inside the walls of Minnesota’s treatment centers, and how Kari chased hard after all the experts in her life to get the solution to her alcohol problem, often with hilarious results. Irreverent. Heart-breaking. Hilarious. Curious. Inspiring. You will leave this session with a different perspective of those struggling with addiction and at least one possibly way to help within your own community. Please include your event date(s) in the contact form.


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