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Partner with us for reliable and efficient billing, collaborative accounting, HR management, and administrative support services.

Have you reached an impasse? Are you out of ideas? Just plain exhausted?

We’ve Got You!

CARES Consulting Inc provides reliable and efficient solutions, partnering with you all the way.

We specialize in billing, licensing and credentialing, bookkeeping and administrative operations, and payroll and human resources.

We’ve supported many industries and operations successfully, and in recent years have honed in on specialized support for Substance Use Disorder-related services.

Earning the Right to Serve You, Each and Every Time

Elite and Supportive Services

General Business Support

We have Business in a Box kits. With each is the option to hire CARES.

Starting a business? We are adept at opening Minnesota Businesses.

We also have experience starting 501(c)3, tax exempt organizations.

We create URLs and websites, and establish social media content.

Our Guide to Starting a 245G Treatment Center guides you through the entire process, electronically.

Need help creating a budget?

Want a business logo?

“Just Start” Guide. Help and encouragement for the first steps.

Reliable and Accurate Billing

We provide services for organizations serving clients with Substance Use Disorder and mental health groups.

We do licensing and re-licensing, credentialing and re-credentialing, training, contracting, billing, client insurance verifications and authorizations, and related activities. We excel at getting paid the first time, but are also good at following rejections and denials.

We work well with both MPSE and DAANES systems.

We are familiar with many EHRs for each budgetary need.

We have separate teams that specialize in setting up new systems and another that trains staff.

We help start new businesses, and support existing businesses, with both virtual or in-person options.

Collaborate Administration

General administrCollaborative Administration
Our work begins where yours ends. Using compatible technology, we create transparency-enhancing systems, keeping our clients in-the-know while we collaborate.

Bookkeeping for Accountants
We prepare your books for your accountant and provide the records in a format most usable by your team for seamless and cost-saving year-end work. We are available to work directly with the rest of your team through the process.

Human Resources
We administer your Human Resources policies and procedures on your behalf, freeing your from the time and stress inherent in HR.

We run full payroll for your team, from onboarding and verifying eligibility for employment through processing the payroll and processing the necessary forms and reports for the team. We also ensure timely filing of all forms and payments on behalf of the employer.

We have a motto…

Just Start.

It’s that simple.


Discuss your business vision and goals with our experienced team. We use our tools to design a working proposal.


Integrate our solutions into your existing processes using a timeline that works for you, seamlessly and efficiently.


Improve and streamline your administrative tasks with our support for optimal effective operations.

Take Control in a New Way Today

Outsourcing has so many benefits!

We are business experts.

Your Overhead

Hiring our team reduces your overhead! As experts, we perform routine tasks efficiently and accurately.

We are attentive to changes in rules and regulations, advances in technology, and products that can improve and enhance operations, not only because we’re interested, but also for the competitive advantage it gives us in our field.

Core Activities

For many business owners, the administrative and overhead tasks of business operation are not part of the exciting reasons for starting new businesses.

Using our expert assistance to manage administrative tasks frees you and your staff to focus your energy on what you love!

Specialized Skills

Our team is ever evolving to meet the requirements of our client base, and our current staff is always learning! We are experts and enjoy the things our clients leave until later.

Outsourcing the things you don’t like mitigates risks inherent with administrative error, inefficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Staff Favorites

We Love What We Do!

Let’s Discover

The Benefits of Partnership

Contact us today to collaborate on solutions for your business.

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